Awakening Moon

wandering under the winter moon.

preparing for bed i was called, the sweet lullaby of the moon pulled me towards her. 

i slipped down the stairs and just before midnight went to wander under the Virgo full moon

the eve of Purim, and though i was not dressed as my favorite Purim deity the heroine Queen Esther, i felt as though it was a costume as i pulled on the snow-veralls my warmest coat, hat and scarf and smelling of hay and sheep i was,  perhaps dressed more like Esther than i truly realized.

though it was the middle of the night, i brought no flashlight, the moons glow guided me and i found myself following the tracks of the deer that pass by my home.

Jewish holidays generally land on the full moon, and Purim, the holiday where you are “supposed to get so drunk you don’t remember if you are the bad guy or the good guy.” this full moon provides enough light that you can stumble home drunk.

stumbling as i plodded through the iced-over pile-up of snow that remains grounded at the brink of spring, i chuckled to myself, is this the proper way to celebrate?

just as Kali is the fierce aspect of the goddess Parvati who is ever so tender, we too have many attributes and aspects.

our inner villain is simply another aspect of the hero.  maybe Haman is a misunderstood fierce aspect of Mordecai.

our personality is made up of many ingredients, the temperaments, the doshas, the gunas, mixed together and put in the oven. But as any good baker knows, it is all in the chemistry.

that temperament, the villainous side of ourselves arise when that aspect, lets call it baking soda, is not properly mixed in and a pocket of  it throws everything off. To get so drunk you can’t remember if you are the bad guy or the good guy. Really we are both, all striving to be our best, with a different scale to measure what that means. Yin and Yang, Shiva and Shakti, “Good” and “Evil”, all merely aspects of the Self combating one another, looking for the perfect chemistry, the balance.

the one who succeeds is the one who is given attention and energy.

it is a great fortune to be close to your teachers.

to see they too make mistakes. and to see that is okay. the moon does not care if you make a mistake, the moon will glow just as brightly.

living compassionately, we feed our compassionate side. live your love, and let love conquer all.